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  • Building Hoists with Fixed Speed
  • Building Hoists with Fixed Speed
  • Building Hoists with Fixed Speed

Building Hoists with Fixed Speed

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SC hoist is vertical transport machinery for building materials and personnel, driving with pinion and rack,  applies to engineering of high rise. SC hoist is equipped with reliable electrical and mechanical safety device. It is an efficient and safety vertical transporting equipment.

The hoist can be installed and disassembled very easily and can also be heightened with the constant increase of building, According to customers' requirements, the cage can be single or double. The single cage building hoist can become a double cage building hoist by adding one cage and other components. The payload can be doubled if equipped with counterweight to meet different customers' requirements. The product has following features:

1.High Efficiency Buidling Hoist for People & Materials for high rise buildings

2.Fully hot dip galvanized cage frame & spare parts

3.Full Set of Safety Devices

4.Cost saving

5.Free easy wearing parts Plus One Year Warranty

Building Hoists with Fixed Speed

Building Hoists with Fixed Speed

SINGLE CAGESC100100036SAJ30-1.22X11
DOUBLE CAGESSC100/1002X100036SAJ30-1.22X2X11

CE Certificate by SGS UK

Building Hoists with Fixed Speed

EAC Certificate

Building Hoists with Fixed Speed

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