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  • Single/double mast working platform
  • Single/double mast working platform
  • Single/double mast working platform
  • Single/double mast working platform
  • Single/double mast working platform

Single/double mast working platform

  • features
  • technical data

1.Driving system:The power system is customized according to the special requirements of shenxi.The speed limit anti-falling device adopts mature technology of construction lift, which is safe and reliable.Reasonable guide, guide wheel is imported nylon material, can reduce the vibration of the platform.

Reducer is made of products with more than 10 years experience, such as suzhou boneng, hangzhou jie or Shanghai jiamai.The speed limit anti-drop device is made by enterprises in kunshan jingpu or jiangsu province.

2.Main pole mast section:Section four column structure, no matter stability or strength, rigidity is better than the section triangle structure.

3.platform:The width of the platform is 1.5 meters, the section of the triangular structure, high strength bolt connection to ensure that the platform connection more stable, less shaking, and large working space, personnel comfortable operation.

4.Tie-in:Six meters together, reduce the production and construction of the wall, and can be telescopic adjustment, engineering applicability.The center of the standard section of the column is 0.8-1.2 meters away from the wall.

5.Electrical control system:Equipped with overload device, leveling device, frequency conversion system, upper and lower position devices.The circuit components mainly adopt the well-known brand zhengtai yuancomponents. 

6.Lifting device:Facilitate installation and disassembly of standard sections.

7.Foundation base:Cushioned rubber is installed to reduce the impact of landing platforms.

8.Others:Including end moving guardrail, foot ladder, standard parts, connecting pin, cable basket and other parts not listed above, and provide technical support.

ItemTechnial SheetSingle mastDouble mast
2Rated load capacity1000 kg1400 kg
3Maximum people 36
4Rated Hoisting speed6.4 m/min
5Maximum installation height150 m
6guide track bracket max cantilever height4m
(not including top 2 mast   section)
7max length of platform8.8 m23.6 m
8width of plarform1.5 m
9platform width after extension2.5 m
10height of 1st tie in3~4 m
11space of tie-inheight(0-100m)6 m
height(100-150m)3 m
12size of mast section1508×500×500 mm
output power2×2.2 kW4×2.2 kW
rated speed1500 r/min
rated current5.1 A/pc
voltage380 V
4brakebraking torque40 N.m
exciting voltageDC99 V
transmission rito/output torque84.5 / 1550 N.m

working platform load profile

platformtotal length of platform (m)rated load capacity of platgform
single mast2.8(2×0.8+1.2)1600
8.8(2×0.8   + 4×1.5 + 1.2)1000
10.2(6×1.5   + 1.2)800
double mast8.4(4×1.5 + 2.4)3000
14.4(8×1.5   + 2.4)2400
17.6(4×0.8   + 8×1.5 + 2.4)2000
20.6(4×0.8   + 10×1.5 + 2.4)1700
23.6(4×0.8   + 12×1.5 + 2.4)1400

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