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  • Self-climbing Formwork
  • Self-climbing Formwork
  • Self-climbing Formwork
  • Self-climbing Formwork

Self-climbing Formwork

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The formwork system can climb vertically or slantwise.

The system can climb intergrally or separately. The climbing process is steady, synchronous and safe.

The formwork will not dismantle to the ground unitl the construction finished. The field will be saved and the impactingg breakage will be greatly reduced.(especially the plywood)

The system will furnish all-round platforms, and additional platform is not needed.

The error of structure construcion is small and easy to correct.

The formwork can climb itself and cleaning work can be done in situ. The use of tower crane will be greatly reduced.

The power of the Auto-climbing formwork is the hyfrolic sytem, which includes the oil cylinder and two commutators. It can control the climbing of climbing rail and the bracket. The steel rail and the bracket can inter-climbing , so the whole system will climb up stadily. Cranes are not needed during the construction, it is eady to operate, hightly efficient and safe.

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