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What are the Anti-Rollover Measures for Topless Tower Crane?

Feb. 05, 2020

Topless Tower Crane, as an important handling equipment in the field of construction sites, transportation and logistics, often carries the weight of large institutions, which also brings hidden dangers that cannot be ignored for its overturning accident. Let me tell you as a Tower Crane Manufacturer.

Topless Tower Crane

Topless Tower Crane

Generally speaking, during operation, the ratio of the height of the tower crane to the size of the bottom support is large, and the tower's center of gravity is high, the torque is large, the braking frequency is frequent, and the impact force is large, all of which are important reasons for overturning. Therefore, the Tower Crane Talent Network pointed out that the best way to prevent the tower crane from overturning is to start with the following three aspects to improve:

First, overload is strictly prohibited. In the tower crane market, a well-known fact is that the higher the tower crane lease or purchase price, the greater the rated load. However, in the design of tower cranes, tower crane manufacturers often design a certain degree of theoretical overload to meet the actual requirements of construction operations. However, this also provided some lucky crane companies and drivers with the opportunity to save money. In fact, different types of cranes usually use lifting torque as the main control. When the working range is increased or the weight exceeds the corresponding rated load, the overturning moment of the weight exceeds its stable torque, which may cause the tower crane to collapse. Therefore, this is very dangerous behavior.

2. Avoid oblique hanging. In some windy and complicated roads, the driver of the tower crane often adopts the method of inclined crane, and hurries to transport the materials that need to be hoisted. This is also a very dangerous behavior. After all, when tilting a heavy load, its overturning moment is increased, horizontal and vertical component forces are generated at the lifting point, and an additional overturning moment is generated at the support point at the bottom of the tower crane, which reduces the stability factor and causes the tower crane. collapse. Therefore, before lifting a heavy object, in addition to keeping its weight not exceeding the rated load of the tower crane, a vertical hoisting road should be established to avoid oblique cranes as much as possible. It is strictly forbidden to operate in high winds above the level of six, so as to avoid the maximum of the Danger.

Third, level the tower crane foundation to avoid soft soil and loose soil standing machine. Since the tower crane must bear its own gravity and the pressure caused by heavy objects when lifting, the uneven foundation of the tower crane and insufficient ground endurance are also important reasons for overturning. Because when the foundation is uneven, excessive verticality error will also cause the overturning moment of the tower crane to increase, which will reduce the stability of the tower crane. In addition, tower cranes stand on soft soil and loose soil. Due to insufficient ground endurance, especially when lifting heavy loads, they cannot bear the load, which will cause the soil layer to loosen and the body toppling. Carry capacity of hard soil and pay attention to reinforcement.

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