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How to Avoid the Failure of the Tower Crane Torque Limiter?

Mar. 17, 2020

As a Tower Crane Manufacturer, share with you. In order to improve the use safety of the tower crane torque limiter, the following specific measures can be targeted to avoid the failure of the tower crane torque limiter.

1.Improvement of moving limit switch

The main function of the dynamic travel switch is to control its travel and perform terminal limit protection. The dynamic travel switch is transformed into a combination switch with high sensitivity and accuracy, that is, a combination early warning switch and a combination cut-off switch. Its structure is divided into single arm operation type with roller, which can be automatically reset; fork arm operation with roller, with 2 switching positions; worm and worm gear drive cam operation, 3 switching positions with trifurcated arm; The two arms of the roller operate two switching positions and so on. The improved dynamic stroke switch increases the control line of the torque limiter, that is, when abnormal conditions occur. The control element of the torque limiter must first touch the control bottom line. The alarm is issued immediately and the hoisting power is disconnected. Only lowering is allowed. Our company also sells Top Kit Tower Crane.

Mobile Luffing Tower Crane

Mobile Luffing Tower Crane

2.Transportation, disassembly protection

The transportation, disassembly and assembly of the torque limiter, like many special equipments, requires that people, machines, and responsibilities be fixed. Even when there are fewer people, the personnel must be relatively fixed. Mark before disassembling, disassemble gently, and protect it properly. Do not squeeze or collide with each other to avoid damage. During the demolition of the equipment, the crane operator or a full-time electrician must properly handle the device's display instruments, connection cables, power take-off components and sensors. The best installation should be restored in the original order and location, and then commissioned and calibrated. Tower cranes generally have a variety of operating conditions. Therefore, the power take-off components of the torque limiter will cause wear after long-term use or are affected by other natural environments, which will cause the displayed weight error to be large. Periodic inspection of the accuracy is required. For deviations outside the national standard range, the weight must be readjusted and calibrated, and relevant data must be archived for inspection. This is particularly important for future reasonable use and maintenance.

3. Fix the wires and add multiple layers of protective sleeves to the wires

The torque limiter limit switch has poor waterproof performance and often malfunctions. The tower crane driver is afraid to replace it and removes its electrical wiring without authorization. The torque limiter has lost its safety protection function. The electric wire can be fixed, and the electric wire can be provided with a multi-layer protective cover, which can effectively prevent the torque limiter from failing. It can also seal or lock the lifting torque limiter to protect the tower crane torque limiter.

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