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Common Causes of Accidents During Daily use of Top Kit Tower Crane

Jul. 18, 2019

Tower Crane Manufacturer will share with you what are the common causes of accidents in the daily use of Top Kit Tower Crane.

1. Since the spline of the output shaft of the hoisting mechanism and the spline of the hoisting drum are severely worn out of the limit, the teeth of the spiral bevel gear pair on the motor shaft and the first-stage transmission shaft of the transmission are knocked off and the lifting is caused. The organization was out of control, causing the hanging objects to fall from a height and causing injury when lifting objects.

2. Top Kit Tower Crane adopts the system controlled by the electromagnetic clutch. If the electromagnetic clutch is burnt out or the brush is too worn, it can not be contacted with electricity, resulting in similar neutral during the shifting process. The hook is out of control and falls.

3. The auxiliary tools of the main wire rope or hook and sling unloading are not replaced in time after excessive wear during use and break during the lifting of heavy objects, causing the tower crane to suddenly lose weight and tip over.

Top Kit Tower Crane

4. During the use of the Topless Tower Crane tower, the loosening of the standard slanting rod connecting bolt causes the slanting rod to lose support, resulting in the destruction of the slanting rod, causing the tower to become unstable and overturn.

5. The lifting torque limiter and the weight limiter are used for hoisting experiments or inspections within the specified range, resulting in long-term corrosion of the rainwater caused by the corrosion of the internal contacts, and failure to work when the hoist is overloaded.

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