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How to Check the Quality of the Tower Crane Track Foundation?

Apr. 27, 2020

As a Tower Crane Manufacturer, share with you how to check and test after the tower crane reducer is assembled.

The Topless Tower Crane reducer is assembled. Before closing the upper and lower boxes and tightening the coupling bolts, check whether the through-hole gland of the reduction box is against the rolling bearing jacket and the gap between the upper and lower sub-box surfaces. When the gap is large, grease should be applied to the inner wall of the bearing and all bolts should be tightened to avoid deformation and rapid destruction of the rolling bearing jacket when the coupling bolts are tightened.

How to Check the Quality of the Tower Crane Track Foundation?cid=96

Topless Tower Crane

The sign of good quality of the rolling bearing installation is that all parts are cleaned, there is no dirt in the box, and the transmission part can be rotated easily by gently turning the transmission member by hand, without jamming, impact and noise; the temperature rise of long-term operation does not exceed 80 degrees. If defects such as jamming, noise and excessive temperature rise is found, the trial operation should be stopped immediately, the fault should be checked and eliminated, and reinstalled.

When assembling the reducer, the meshing quality of the gear pair should be checked. It is required that the flank clearance is appropriate, the contact surface is large and uniform, and there is no noise and impact sound.

The contact marks on the gear meshing surface should be no less than 60% of the tooth height and no less than 50% of the tooth width, and should be evenly distributed. The uniformity of the gear meshing surface along the tooth height depends on the processing quality of the gearbox, the parallelism of the shaft, the allowable inclination of the shaft and the deflection of the gear tooth direction. The parallelism of the shaft can be measured with a rod vernier caliper.

After the reducer is assembled, it needs to be tested and then run-in test. Before running-in test, clean light oil should be injected into the reducer. During the running-in trial operation, it should run at full speed in forward and reverse directions, and it can be confirmed that there is no strong noise, knocking and periodic noise during gear operation, oil temperature and bearing heating not exceeding 80 degrees, and no oil leakage at the seal and flange joint 1. The contact mark is not less than the specified standard.

After the running-in trial operation is completed, the lubricating oil in the box should be completely dumped and thoroughly washed with kerosene, and no debris such as abrasive debris can be left in the gearbox. After that, new lubricant can be injected and run for a period of time, so that all parts in the tank is covered with lubricant.

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