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How to Check the Tower Crane Emergency Device?

Mar. 24, 2020

As a 10 T Top Kit Tower Crane Wholesale, share with you.

Emergency devices are devices that can prevent accidents from further expanding and cause injuries or major damage after the accident.

(1) Protective device for broken rope of trolley

When the luffing rope breaks, the luffing trolley is in a free state, and the boom has a certain slope, and there is also a wind blowing effect. Therefore, the luffing trolley may run out of control and cause danger. Rope protection is required in most national safety standards.

Top Kit Tower Crane

Top Kit Tower Crane

This device is set on a luffing trolley. Its principle is: a lever with a weight is sleeved on the luffing rope. Once the rope is broken, the lever is lifted by the weight and stuck on the horizontal web of the boom Stop the trolley. Generally, one set is set on the front and rear luffing ropes, and another set is also available for two-way action. It can be known from its principle that the lifting of the lever is controlled by the tension of the luffing rope.

(2) Whether the amount of oil in the reducer is sufficient in each transmission part, whether the bolts of each part are tightened, loosen the clamp clamp for trial operation, and check whether there is abnormal noise in the transmission part and the tightness of the brake shoe.

(3) After the main gate is closed, use a test pen to check the electrical appliances and the controller enclosure, and then confirm the safety before going on the machine.

(4) Check the wear of the wire rope.

(5) Before starting work, a comprehensive inspection should be performed to check the reliability of the controllers and transmissions, and the braking, and to confirm that all parts are completely normal before operating.

Top Kit Tower Crane's electrical system needs to be checked for mechanical operation of all electrical components before disassembly.

The inspection of this project is performed before the power is received. Mainly check whether there is a mechanical failure in each electrical component:

① Check the motors of each mechanism, first release the brake, then manually turn the motor, and check whether the brake pads are painted or rusty, which makes the motor unable to rotate. Are there any blockages and mechanical abnormalities caused by the motor?

② Check whether the mechanical action of the brake is normal, and whether the entire operation stroke is abnormal. Are there any oil stains on the surface of the brake core or other foreign matter that affects the attraction of the core?

③ Check the mechanical action of the contactor and press it with your hands. There should be no jamming. The arc extinguishing cover should be intact, the contacts should be free of defects, and the terminal screws should not loosen and fall off.

④ Check the travel switch or micro switch on each safety device, the action should be flexible, without rust and water.

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