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How to Choose the Right Lifting Equipment?

Jul. 25, 2019

The lifting equipment on the market varies widely, and the Top Kit Tower Crane, which has different working environments, is different. If you can't grasp the performance characteristics of various lifting equipment, you will be overwhelmed when you purchase it. Therefore, when purchasing lifting equipment, we can choose from the aspects of mechanical fluidity, stability and low specific pressure on the ground. Tower Crane Manufacturer has the following recommendations:

The first is the nature of the work if you need to quickly move the material handling. For sporadic lifting and construction work, it is more appropriate to choose a mobile jib crane. It is more advantageous if a hydraulic truck crane with booms and legs is used. Because the telescopic boom must extend into the window or hole to operate the hydraulic truck crane is the ideal lifting device.

Top Kit Tower Crane

Then, when the lifting project needs a large lifting, the installation height is high, and the amplitude of the lifting operation changes greatly, the crawler type or tire type lifting equipment can be selected according to the existing mechanical conditions. If the ground is soft and the driving conditions are poor, the crawler hoisting equipment is most suitable; if the ground in the work area is not allowed to be damaged, it is best to use a wheeled lifting device.

When the construction conditions are limited and the crane is required to drive heavily (complete driving is dangerous, if the operation is required, the lifting weight should be in accordance with the instructions in the machine's instruction manual), then you can choose a crawler or tire type crane. Tire cranes have better operability; crawler cranes have higher hoisting stability.

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