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Correct Use and Maintenance of the Reducer

May. 27, 2019

The correct use and maintenance of the Flat Top Tower Crane reducer can not reduce the system noise level and ensure the transmission accuracy, but it can prevent its index degradation and increase the service life. Building Hoist Factory to explain to you.

1. Internal cleaning

The cleaning of the internal parts of the reducer is the basic condition for ensuring its normal operation. Any entry of impurities and dirt will affect and damage the transmission system, resulting in noise.

2. Operating temperature

Ensure the normal working temperature of the reducer, avoid deformation of the parts due to excessive temperature rise, ensure the gears mesh properly, and prevent noise from increasing.

Flat Top Tower Crane

Flat Top Tower Crane

3. Timely lubrication and proper use of oil

Unreasonable lubrication and incorrect use of grease will cause immeasurable damage to the gear unit. At high speeds, the friction of the gear tooth surface will generate a lot of heat energy. If the lubrication is improper, it will cause damage to the gear teeth, affect the accuracy, and the noise will increase. The gear pair is required to have a proper clearance during design. The correct use and selection of lubricating grease can ensure the safe and effective operation of the system, delay the deterioration trend and stabilize the noise level.

4. Proper use of the reducer minimizes damage and damage to components and ensures a stable noise level. The noise of the reducer will increase with the increase of the load, so it should be used within the normal load range.

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