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Whether The Crane Is Wind Resistant Is Very Important

Jun. 12, 2019

Top Kit Tower Crane is a lifting device used in a variety of applications. When used indoors, it is less affected by the outdoor environment. And if you use the crane outdoors, this type of crane is more common with gantry cranes and bridge cranes, then it will be affected by the wind, especially some places with relatively large winds. For example, in coastal areas, there have been cases where cranes were blown down by strong winds. When the cranes were shipped from the factory, they were all windproof. Why is there a phenomenon of being blown down by the wind? In theory, this problem does not occur. But since the problem has arisen, our Tower Crane Manufacturer should still analyze the problem carefully and solve the problem together so that similar problems can be prevented from happening again.

Top Kit Tower Crane

After seeing a number of cranes blown down by the wind, there is a common problem, that is, sliding for a while, taxiing is convenient for the handling of Top Kit Tower Crane. I did not expect to give the wind a boost. If it is in windy weather, it is best to stop. Work, wind-resistant devices may also work if there is a larger bracket. The role of the brakes is clear to everyone, the brakes work well, can effectively avoid the situation of the crane being blown down by the wind. Top Kit Tower Crane's wind-resistant settings require attention and design to avoid unnecessary losses.

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