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How to do the Daily Work of Preventing Loosening and Wear of Tower Crane?

May. 13, 2020

As a Tower Crane Manufacturer, share with you. The tower crane is subjected to various stresses such as bending, torsion, compression, and shear during work. The steel structure and its connecting parts are prone to abnormal changes such as fatigue, fracture, loosening, and wear. 

Flat Top Tower Cranes

Flat Top Tower Cranes

(1) The transmission parts of each mechanism of the tower crane should be regularly refilled with grease. Such as slewing mechanism, driving mechanism, walking wheels, bearings, etc.

(2) Welding seams of the structural parts of the tower crane are often checked and found to be repaired in a timely manner after opening.

(3) Check the connection bolts of the tower crane frame and find that it is loose and tightened in time. When the frame body is connected by rods, more attention should be paid to check the connection bolts. At the same time, it is forbidden to use elastic washers to prevent loosening of the connection bolts.

(4) Check each safety device before operation every day. If it is damaged or fails, it should be repaired before operation.

(5) The surface of the main load-bearing components should be regularly derusted and painted to prevent the strength of the load-bearing components from being reduced due to corrosion and affecting safety and service life.

(6) Regularly check the wear of the hoisting steel wire ropes and pulleys. If the steel wire ropes are damaged, they should be replaced in time. If the rim is damaged, the groove wall and the bottom of the groove wear more than the standard, they should be replaced.

(7) Always check the main components of the electrical system. All components should be flexible and reliable, with good contact contact, and the contact pressure and opening distance should meet the technical requirements.

In order to ensure the good technical condition of the tower crane track foundation and prevent the safety accident of the track tower crane, the quality inspection of the track foundation should be done. Rail foundation quality inspection is divided into daily inspection and monthly periodic inspection.

The daily inspection of the track foundation belongs to the daily maintenance category. Before the start of the daily work shift, the full length of the track foundation must be inspected. Check whether there are debris and building components stacked on the track, and clean the construction waste within the track foundation. Check the technical conditions of the rails, rail connections, fasteners, sleepers, rail end buffer stop devices and grounding devices, and eliminate their defects.

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