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Development status of Tower Crane industry at home and abroad

Nov. 26, 2019

With the continuous progress of society and the development of skills, the entire tower crane project has become more and more widespread. This requires the hoisting crane's lifting ability, operating fluctuations and heights are increasing, and the market demand for Top Kit Tower Crane is increasing rapidly. Large domestic lifting equipment has been lifted by a single pole. Gradually expand and develop into hoisting equipment centered on large-scale gantry cranes with high performance, more safety and reliability. In addition, the characteristics of large-scale gantry cranes such as mobility and operating flexibility are also well received by the industry. In addition, tower cranes and gantry cranes are also responsible for large-scale lifting operations at sea and shipbuilding. Developed countries have produced and widely used large-scale gantry cranes as early as the 1970s, and are still continually researching new skills and new layouts to meet the challenge of larger tonnage. Therefore, China Topkit Crane Wholesale aims at such large cranes to analyze the current situation and development trends at home and abroad.

Top Kit Tower Crane

Top Kit Tower Crane

The main development trends are mainly in the following aspects:

1. complete load spectrum-foreign hoisting industry has been very sophisticated and perfect, and its hoisting cranes have also been greatly developed. The description and production of current engineering cranes are mainly concentrated in Germany, the United States and Japan.

2. The super-large cranes-The current maximum tonnage of cranes has exceeded 1000t. For example, the CCl2600 lifting capacity is 1600t and the LRll200 lifting capacity is 1200t. It can be said that crawler cranes have shown their popularity in large tonnage shopping malls. This is inseparable from the characteristics of low ground pressure, walking with load, lightweight of truss boom, strong ability to resist inflection and strong load capacity.

3. New layout for expanding working space-In order to maximize the use of tower cranes, demand cranes can satisfy large lifting capacity requirements. It can also satisfy the needs of the working space. Therefore, large lifting height and a large lifting weight have gradually become an important target for measuring cranes.

4. Gradually perfect self-assembling and disassembling skills-in order to minimize the transition time, simplify disassembly and assembly, reduce auxiliary operation time and rely on other auxiliary lifting equipment. Foreign crawler cranes have strong self-disassembly capabilities.

5. Integration of automation and informationization—Hydraulic transmission is the transmission method currently used by mobile cranes. Its development has gone through the early simple quantitative valve control system and constant power variable system. To the later on-demand variable control system and load sensing system. Until now the intelligent power control system of microelectronics.

6. The status of domestic large-scale cranes-the development of Topless Tower Crane and wheeled cranes is still in the small tonnage class. There is still a certain distance from foreign countries in terms of product planning, tonnage size and reliability. This requires us to continue to digest and absorb advanced foreign skills. Based on international support, product quality and functions are promoted faster.

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