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Safety equipment and maintenance of Flat Top Tower Crane

Sep. 17, 2019

     First of all, in China, before lifting the lifting equipment, China Tower Crane Supplier should make a record. Safety inspection and maintenance before installation: Check the performance of the main equipment of the equipment, check the visible defects of the main steel structure and coupling parts and their pins and bolts, check the corrosion protection of the surface of the equipment, form a record, and issue installation opinions.

  Secondly: the lifting and hoisting equipment is maintained and maintained by a special person. After the equipment is delivered and used, the daily maintenance should be carried out by the driver of the equipment or the full-time staff of the unit. The installation maintenance unit is obliged to supervise and inspect the daily maintenance contents. The main content of daily maintenance is summarized as "cross operation method": cleaning, fastening, lubrication, adjustment, anti-corrosion. Every day before the shift, 10 to 30 minutes at the end of the shift, check whether all parts and parts of the equipment are normal, refuel according to the regulations, pay attention to whether the mechanical operation sound is normal, do the cleaning work and handover work, in order to achieve a neat appearance and normal operation. For the purpose, daily maintenance records and handover records are to be made into fixed forms and managed as files.

Flat Top Tower Crane

Flat Top Tower Crane

  So what are the safety devices for Flat Top Tower Crane? Let me introduce them.

  (1) Lifting torque limiter

  When the tower crane is hoisting the object, the product of the hoisting radius and the weight of the hoist is constant. According to this principle, a lifting torque limiter is manufactured, and the main function is to prevent overloading of the safety device. The torque limiter only protects the overload moment in the longitudinal vertical plane of the tower crane, and cannot prevent the tilting accident caused by the inclined crane, the wind load, the inclination or the falling of the track.

  (2) lifting weight limiter

  The weight limiter is used to protect the weight of the lifting object from exceeding the maximum allowable lifting capacity of the tower crane. It is used to prevent the weight of the crane from exceeding the maximum rated load and avoid mechanical damage accidents.

  (3) Lifting height limiter

  The lifting height limiter is used to limit the hook to the front of the boom or the trolley, or to the lowest point (a few meters below the ground or below the ground), to automatically power off the hoist and stop working. A device that prevents the boom from being damaged by the excessive lifting of the lifting hook.

  (4) Amplitude limiter

  A device used to limit the boom from exceeding its extreme position when pitching. An alarm is issued before the lifting pitch reaches a certain limit, and when the limited position is reached, the power is automatically turned off.

  (5) Stroke limiter

  Car travel limiter: It is set on the head and root of the trolley's variable-width boom, which is used to cut off the circuit of the trolley traction mechanism and prevent the trolley from offside. 2 cart travel limiter: used to prevent the crane from derailing.

  (6) rail clamp

  A device used to clamp a rail to prevent the crane from being blown by the wind in a windy situation and causing the tower crane to tip over.

  (7) Anemometer

  Automatically record wind speed, and automatically alarm when it exceeds six wind speeds.

  (8) Wire rope anti-ditching device

  It is mainly used to prevent the wire rope from being separated from the pulley groove during the transmission process. The wire rope (9) Hook is protected. The device that prevents the lifting wire rope from being unhooked due to excessive angle or improper hooking and the lifting object is dropped.

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