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How to Extend the Life of Tower Crane?

Aug. 02, 2019

With the continuous development of technology, the field of application of lifting equipment is also expanding. Heavy equipment production bases such as shipbuilding and aircraft manufacturing will use lifting equipment. If not used properly, the service life of Topless Tower Crane will be shortened. So how can you increase the service life of your lifting equipment? Tower Crane Manufacturer has the following recommendations:

8 T Top kit Tower Crane

(1) Good use: We must conscientiously implement the various systems based on post responsibility system so that the original records should be complete and accurate;

(2) Good maintenance: Careful implementation of maintenance procedures, careful maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, anti-corrosion at any time;

(3) Good safety: We must conscientiously abide by the safe operating procedures and relevant safety systems to achieve safe production and no mechanical accidents.

(4) The technical condition is good: the mechanical equipment is always in good condition, the working performance meets the specified requirements, and the random tool parts and auxiliary devices are complete and complete;

When using the 8 T Top kit Tower Crane, the enthusiasm of mobilizing users is more stringent than the establishment of reasonable and sound rules and regulations and regulations, and it is required to strictly follow the technical indicators. This will improve the integrity, utilization, and efficiency of the lifting equipment.

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