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General Steps for Lifting the Crane

Aug. 12, 2019

The lifting part of the crane is the most important part of the crane maintenance because it directly affects the frequency of a crane accident. The Ring Lock Scaffolding Factory is a general step to explain the lifting section of the crane.

1. Check the surface of the reel for wear, surface lubrication, wire rope with or without grooving, and whether the reel has rust.

2. Check the wire rope for defects, damage, broken strands, broken wires, loose strands, etc. Check if the wire rope is loose.

3. Whether there is any damage to the outside of the hook of Flat Top Tower Crane, whether the bolt is loose, whether the safety buckle is intact, and whether the hook head rotates freely.

Topless Tower Crane

Topless Tower Crane

4. Check the fixing of the lifting limit switch, whether the locking nut is tight, check the function of the limit switch and whether the wiring is loose.

5. Check that the lifting motor is securely fixed, check that the wiring inside the junction box is secure and that there is noise when the motor is running.

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