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What should I Pay Attention to When Installing Top Kit Tower Crane?

Aug. 09, 2019

Top Kit Tower Crane is common in many places, it can reduce labor, reduce labor costs and increase production efficiency, but also very convenient and fast. But security is also a problem that people value very much. As a Construction Hoists Supplier, let us explain to you.

The Flat Top Tower Crane is also one of the cranes. It belongs to the large lifting equipment. Some gantry cranes carry out special operations in the production process to complete the mechanization and automation required in the production process. The Flat Top Tower Crane is not transported in the whole process during transportation, so it is necessary to assemble and install the unit in the field.

Top Kit Tower Crane

Top Kit Tower Crane

The most important thing in the installation process is the assembly of the trolley and the installation of the main beam. The first is the assembly of the trolley. First, the trolley is used to mount the trolley on the rail and then bolted. The cantilever crane is an industrial part and belongs to the light work strength Top Kit Tower Crane. It consists of a column, a swing arm rotary drive, and an electric hoist. It is light in weight, large in span, heavy in weight and economical and durable. The drive wheel should be in contact with the surface of the guide rail. The clearance between the passive wheel and the surface of the guide rail should meet the requirements of the standard for electric hoist bridge cranes. After the running vehicle is assembled, the main dimensional deviation shall comply with the requirements of the electric single girder bridge crane standard.

Then there is the installation of the main beam. The main beam of the Top Kit Tower Crane is mainly linked to the end amount by high-strength bolts and assembled into a structural form of the bridge.

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