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Introduction to Top Kit Tower Crane

Sep. 24, 2019

Topless Tower Crane is the most commonly used lifting equipment on construction sites. It is used for the construction of steel bars, rafts, concrete, steel pipes, etc. in a section of the Tower Crane Mast Section. Raw materials. Tower cranes are essential equipment on the construction site. As a Tower Crane Spare Parts Factory, let's give you a detailed explanation.

Top Kit Tower Crane

Top Kit Tower Crane

The function of the Topless Tower Crane is to withstand the upper load from the boom puller and the balance arm drawstring and transmit it to the tower structure directly through the turntable through the structural components of the swing tower, turntable, and seat. The top of the self-lifting tower has a truncated cone type, a forwardly inclined or a backward inclined truncated cone type, a herringbone type, and a diagonal bracket type. All the upper slewing tower cranes need to be balanced, and their function is to support the balance weight, which is used to form the balance moment of the design and the opposite direction of the lifting torque. In addition to the balance weight, a lifting mechanism is often installed at the rear. The reason why the hoisting mechanism is placed at the end of the balance arm together with the counterweight, one can play the part of the counterweight, and the other is to increase the distance between the rope reel and the tassel guide wheel, so as to facilitate the winding of the wire rope and avoid it. Straight rope phenomenon. The amount of balance weight is inversely proportional to the length of the balance arm, and there is a proportional relationship between the length of the balance arm and the length of the boom. The balance weight is considerable, the light tower crane is generally at least 3 to 4 tons, and the heavy-duty is nearly 30 tons.

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