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Lubrication in Crane Maintenance

Jun. 20, 2019

For the maintenance of Flat Top Tower Crane, we should first understand that the maintenance of cranes can be generally divided into functional testing, lubrication, safety inspection and adjustment, safety inspection and adjustment including mechanical and electrical parts; Divided into daily inspections and regular inspections and maintenance and repairs.

For the lubrication of the crane, first, understand the replacement of the gearbox lubricant. As a Luffing Tower Crane Supplier, let's give you a detailed explanation.

For the first installed Flat Top Tower Crane, the lubricant in the gearbox should be replaced for the first time after 200 hours or 2 months of use. When the lubricant is changed for the first time, apply the lubricant to the gearbox and clean the magnetic bolts. After the first change of lubricant, the lubricant should be replaced once a year under normal conditions. For larger gearboxes, the cycle of an oil change can be extended as appropriate depending on the condition of the oil. Care should be taken when refueling to prevent dust from entering and to ensure the oil quality. The amount of refueling is not as much as possible, and it should be appropriate.

Top Kit Tower Crane

Top Kit Tower Crane

Forbearing lubrication, the bearing lubrication of Top Kit Tower Crane has mostly concentrated lubrication. The bearing nozzle of the hoist trolley is concentrated on the end beam of the trolley; the nozzle of the large wheel sub-bearing is concentrated on the end beam of the trolley. However, there are also individual fuel nozzles that are separately distributed, and there should be no omissions when refueling. The lubrication cycle of the bearing is the same as the regular maintenance cycle. After adding the oil, be sure to cover the sealing cap of the grease fitting to prevent the grease fitting from rusting.

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