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What are the Main Reasons for the Collapse of the Tower Crane?

Feb. 08, 2020

As a Tower Crane Manufacturer, share with you the main reasons for the collapse of the tower crane.

There are generally three major reasons for the collapse of the tower crane, one is the problem of disassembly and assembly, the other is the problem of use, and the third is the quality of the tower crane itself, which solves these three major problems, and the safety factor of using the tower crane will also greatly increase.

Mobile Luffing Tower Crane

Mobile Luffing Tower Crane

In terms of disassembly, the disassembly team is not qualified, and the disassembly and assembly unit is not licensed to perform disassembly and assembly. The disassembly and assembly unit does not prepare a disassembly and assembly plan, does not conduct safety technical disclosure, and acts violently based on experience. Meeting the requirements, saving trouble, and performing related work based on imagination are all important causes of accidents.

In terms of use, officers and commanders have been hired without a certificate. Tower crane operating and commanding personnel did not have professional training to obtain qualification certificates to work in accordance with regulations, and did not possess corresponding professional skills and knowledge. The operating and commanding personnel are operating in violation of rules and commands. Such as overloaded lifting, oblique lifting, hoisting the pump pump pipe at the construction site with a snorkel and turning at will. In addition, the equipment's daily inspection and maintenance are not enough, causing the tower crane to have mechanical safety hazards, which is also the cause of the accident.

In terms of the quality of the tower crane itself, the welding of steel structures fails to meet the requirements. The height of the weld is insufficient, and there are defects such as pores, slag inclusions, and even virtual welding, especially the welding quality problems of important connection parts on parts such as tower caps, booms, and balance arms. The geometry of the component structure does not meet the requirements. If the material is not cut according to the requirements, the cross-sectional dimensions of the steel cannot meet the national standards, which may lead to serious accidents.

Therefore, to prevent the tower crane from collapsing, we can only strengthen the prevention and control in the above three aspects. Through diligent prevention and rest, we can minimize the possibility of accidents.

Mobile Luffing Tower Crane foundation construction:

1. The foundation of the tower crane shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the current national standards and operating instructions. The construction unit shall confirm the bearing capacity of the foundation on the construction site according to the geological survey report.

2. When the construction site cannot meet the foundation requirements of the tower crane instruction manual, a special design should be carried out, and a design calculation book and construction drawings should be available.

3. The foundation shall have drainage measures.

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