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Do you know the maintenance of specific parts of Topless Tower Crane?

Dec. 24, 2019

As a Tower Crane Manufacturer, share the information with everyone.

Maintenance and repair of the transmission mechanism:

1. Check whether the fixing device of the wire rope meets the requirements, and check whether it has corrosion, broken wires, loose strands, broken strands, bends, kinks, wear, flattening, etc. If it exceeds the relevant regulations, it must be replaced with a new one immediately; check that the hook has No cross-section wear, cracking, cracking, torsional deformation, increased opening, and other defects, and related pins and sleeves are not severely worn; check whether the pulley is equipped with a rope escape prevention device, whether the pulley is flexible, and the pulley rope groove, wheel Whether the edge has broken edges, wear, and cracks exceeding the standard.

Topless Tower Crane

Topless Tower Crane

2. Maintenance and repair of brake device

Check whether there are noise and good heat dissipation during the operation of the mechanism; check and adjust the gap between the brake shoe and the brake wheel; check the brake springs and tie rods for defects such as fatigue deformation and cracks; check the gearbox, reduction box, external meshing Lubrication of various parts such as gears and whether the hydraulic oil is leaking; often check whether the oil filter is clogged and whether the adjustment value of the safety valve has changed after use; there should be no dirt on the friction surface of the brakes of each mechanism. Dirt must be washed off with gasoline or thin materials; check the tread and axle of the wheel for fatigue cracks, wear of the wheel tread and axles and check whether there is a track phenomenon during operation.

3. Maintenance and repair of metal structures

During use, it is necessary to regularly check whether the main stress members have overall or local fatigue deformation, loosening, instability, severe corrosion, cracks, damage and other phenomena. In transportation, try to prevent the members from deformation and collision damage; check the connection bolts or rivets Solid, especially if there are any defects such as looseness and defects in the vibration parts; check the structural connections and welds for obvious deformation and cracking.

4. Maintenance and repair of the electrical system

Clean the dust and dirt on the electrical equipment in time to ensure the cleanliness of each distribution box, control box, all parts of the brushes and their contact surfaces; check all cables and wires for damage regularly. Replace; ensure that the contacts of the travel switches of each safety device are opened and closed reliably, and the contact arc pits should be polished in time; check whether the crane power supply and each mechanism are provided with short circuit protection, voltage loss protection, zero position protection, overcurrent protection and special cranes. Overspeed, demagnetization protection.

5. Maintenance and repair of safety protection devices

Check the installation of Topless Tower Crane's overload protection devices, buffers, torque limiters, limit position limiters, anti-rollback devices, windproof devices, protective devices in accordance with the design requirements, and whether these devices operate sensitively and reliably if they exceed the specifications Whether the alarm signal can be issued in time, and whether the power source running in the dangerous direction can be automatically cut off.

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