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What is the Most Important Part of Crane Safety Monitoring?

Jul. 03, 2019

In the safety monitoring of cranes, everyone will think of black boxes, surveillance cameras and so on. In fact, many people don't know that in this kind of security monitoring, the software is a more important part than hardware. The same hardware facilities use different operating software, and the results will be very different.

Research on security monitoring operating systems has also become a specialized industry. One of the most commonly used lifting equipment on the Tower Crane Manufacturer's construction site, also known as Top Kit Tower Crane, is a section of the length (high) (referred to as "standard section"), which is used to hoist construction steel. Raw materials for construction of rafts, concrete, steel pipes, etc. Tower cranes are also an essential lifting device on the construction site. At present, the development and deepening of the system are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

The first is to improve software startup speed. At present, the crane starts a fire and at the same time carries out safety monitoring records.

The second is the intelligentization of crane safety monitoring. If it's purely a mechanical recording tool, the security monitoring won't get that much attention. It intelligently and efficiently determines when to monitor and what data to keep, which is a great help for people to use.

Top Kit Tower Crane

Third, the continuous improvement of software and the enhancement of remote updates. Top Kit Tower Crane's own rise is not known to many people. In fact, it is very simple. The tower crane has a lifting frame. When the jacking is raised, the frame is raised upwards. When it is raised, it is taller than the tower body. There will be a space in the middle of the frame. At this time, the standard section of the tower body is installed in this space. The frame is raised here, and the inside of the vacant frame is installed again into the standard section so that the standard section continues. Increase, is the tower crane not getting higher? According to the different models, the height of the tower crane is different. If the tower crane wants to be raised, it must be installed and attached. The upper tower body has a certain free rotation height. This depends on the size of the Topless Tower Crane. Current security monitoring wants to export data more easily and is no longer limited by the capacity of the hard disk as before. It can be changed through cloud storage. Security monitoring like this has become more convenient to use.

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