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What should I pay attention to when managing Flat Top Tower Crane accessories?

Nov. 19, 2019

As a Tower Crane Manufacturer, share some knowledge. Tower crane is the most commonly used lifting equipment on construction sites. It is also called “tower crane”. It is used for the construction of steel bars, rafts, concrete, steel pipes, etc. Raw materials. Tower cranes are essential equipment on the construction site. From the perspective of the development of the tower crane industry, the industry is highly correlated with the national economy and construction/real estate. Therefore, it is of scientific significance to look at the development of the tower crane industry from the trend of the national economy and the development trend of the real estate industry.

Flat Top Tower Crane

Flat Top Tower Crane

In order to ensure that the Flat Top Tower Crane operation can have emergency reserves, each construction unit often leaves a large number of spare tower crane parts. Therefore, it is also important to manage the tower crane parts safely, improve efficiency and save cost. The meaning.

At present, most of the design and manufacture of tower cranes have adopted modularization and combination development. The so-called combination type is based on the structure of the tower body. According to the structure and function characteristics, the tower body is decomposed into several parts and serialized according to the serialization. And generalization requirements, follow the principle of modular system and then divide each part into several modules. According to the requirements of the parameters, the appropriate modules are selected to form tower cranes with different technical performance characteristics to meet the specific needs of the construction. The implementation of combined tower cranes will help speed up the development of tower crane products, save product development costs, and better serve customers. In this way, it brings convenience and special features to the tower crane parts management. Convenience means that the modular design allows certain accessories to be used between tower cranes of different models and specifications. The special feature is that some special tower crane accessories should be kept in a safe place so that they can be prepared.

In addition, when the tower crane needs to replace the accessories, it is especially important to do the disassembly and assembly work. The safety accidents caused by improper disassembly and assembly and unqualified installation quality account for a large proportion. The tower crane must be dismantled and assembled with qualified disassembly and assembly units, and it must be installed and dismantled within the scope of qualification. Disassembly and assembly personnel must undergo special business training, have a certain experience of disassembly and assembly and hold a certificate. At the same time, they must have completed work of various types of work, clear positions, perform their duties, and follow the unified command.

It is worth mentioning that in order to ensure the normal and safe use of the tower crane, we must oblige the tower crane to have the specified safety devices when installing, mainly including: lifting torque limiter, lifting weight limiter, height limit. Device, amplitude limiter, rotary limiter, hook safety device, reel safety device, wind direction anemometer, wire rope grooving insurance, trolley anti-break rope device, trolley anti-break shaft device and buffer. These safety devices are to ensure that they are intact and sensitive. If the damage is found during use, it should be repaired and replaced in time, and it shall not be lifted or adjusted freely. Our company also has Luffing Tower Crane 12 T on sale, welcome to come to consult.

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