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Points to Check for Lifting Equipment

Jul. 08, 2019

Lifting equipment belongs to large-scale mechanical equipment. No matter which equipment needs a strict inspection, many lifting equipments fail to pass the inspection, and many influencing factors. As a Mast Crane Factory, we think the main points are as follows.

First of all, the equipment information is not complete. In the inspection process of the lifting equipment, the product markings of the lifting equipment and the lifting equipment method of the lifting equipment often differ. According to the provisions of the lifting equipment, the working level of the lifting equipment will be divided into A1-A8 grades.

Secondly, there is an unreasonable setting for the Top Kit Tower Crane. In the production process of the lifting equipment, some components are missing. According to the requirements of the lifting equipment safety regulations, the lifting equipment must have the function of voltage loss protection, and the pressure loss protection through the start button switch and the contractor, but has not yet started. The tonnage on the lifting equipment is usually replaced by an emergency switch at start-up. Over time, the emergency switch will wear out, which will affect the responsiveness of the lifting equipment in an emergency and lead to a safety incident.

Top Kit Tower Crane

Then it is possible to ignore the installation of the grounding wire. The safety regulations of the Topless Tower Crane clearly stipulate that the connection between the cab and the lifting equipment itself must be no less than two when connecting the bolts. In lifting equipment, workers often pay attention to whether the quality of electrical equipment meets the specifications. If it is neglected, the lifting equipment will often damage the driver's personal safety.

Finally, the design problem is that in all parts of the lifting equipment, the installation of the total route contractor will be ignored by many designers, so it will not leave too much space for the installer to install the general route contractor. The touch points of all operating systems are sticky, which in this case can adversely affect the operation of the lifting equipment.

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