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Do you know the Precautionary Measures for the Topless Tower Crane Disassembly and Climbing Frame Accident?

Feb. 26, 2020

As a Heavy Machinery Tower Crane Manufacturers, we believe that the following four measures should be taken to prevent such accidents:

(1) Formulation of climbing frame disassembly and lifting scheme

Before disassembling the climbing frame, a detailed plan for disassembling and lifting the climbing frame should be formulated. The plan should indicate the number of sections for the disassembly of the climbing frame, the mass of each frame, the width of the tower crane when lifting each section of the climbing frame, and the rated lifting mass of the tower crane at that range.

Topless Tower Crane

Topless Tower Crane

After all the climbing frame fixing bolts are removed, the climbing frame will sink instantly and all the mass of the climbing frame will be loaded on the tower crane. At this time, the impact load on the Topless Tower Crane is much greater than the mass of the object being hoisted. Therefore, when formulating a climbing frame disassembly and lifting scheme, a certain safety factor should be set, especially for tower cranes that have been used for many years, a larger safety factor should be set.

It should be stipulated in the climbing frame disassembly and lifting scheme: before removing the climbing frame, the construction waste in the climbing frame should be removed to avoid overloading. In addition, the person in charge of the disassembly site and the signalman should be familiar with and strictly implement the climbing frame disassembly and lifting scheme.

(2) Relevant personnel holding certificates

Both the tower crane driver and the signal worker should hold a certificate to work. At the same time, two signal workers should be equipped: one is on the floor where the climbing frame is dismantled, and according to the progress of the climbing frame disassembly, the tower crane driver is instructed how to operate the whole process; one is on the yard after the climbing frame is dismantled, and is responsible for directing the tower crane driver Place the removed climbing frame in place.

(3) Make preparations before lifting

The tower crane driver should verify with the commander the quality of the climbing frame and the crane lifting range before each time the crane is lifted. Its role is to remind commanders to verify whether the lifting and climbing frame demolition and lifting schemes are consistent, and to avoid illegal command.

(4) Handle overload conditions calmly

When it is found that the tower crane is overloaded and cannot be changed, the tower crane driver should try to avoid the tower crane's violent movement, and it is best to slowly drop the hook at the local low speed so that the heavy object can land smoothly. After that, professional technicians will fully inspect the tower crane for damage and confirm that there is no damage before continuing to use it.

The climbing frame itself has a lifting function, and the safety factor of the climbing frame lifting is much higher than the safety factor of the auxiliary disassembly of the tower crane, so the disassembly function of the climbing frame itself should be used as much as possible. Unless construction conditions do not allow it, try to avoid using a tower crane to assist in removing the climbing frame.

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