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What Are The Precautions For The Topless Tower Crane Jacking Process?

Jun. 17, 2019

Tower Crane Manufacturer will give you an explanation of the Topless Tower Crane lifting process:

1) When the maximum wind speed of the tower crane is greater than 3~4, it is not allowed to jack up.

2) During the jacking process, the direction of the boom should be the same as that of the standard section, and the hoisting arm should be braked by the slewing brake, and the truck should be parked in the jacking position.

3) If you want to increase the standard section several times in succession, after each section is added, before the standard section of the Topless Tower Crane itself, the main chord and the lower support of the tower must have 8 high strengths. Bolted connections, only in this case allow only one nut per bolt.

4) The steps on the standard section must be aligned with the existing standard section.

Top Kit Tower Crane

5) Before the lower support and the tower body are not bolted, the boom swing, the load-carrying trolley and the lifting operation are strictly prohibited.

6) In the process of jacking, if the oil pressure system is abnormal, stop the jacking immediately, retract the cylinder, place the lower bearing on the top of the tower body, and use 8 pieces of high-strength bolts to lower the lower support and the tower body. After the connection is secure, the hydraulic system is removed.

7) After the jacking is added to the required height (not exceeding the relevant standard), the boom should be rotated to different angles to check the fastening of the joints of the tower body, the foundation feet and the attached parts of the tie rods.

Safe construction, and the lifting operation in strict accordance with the operating procedures is the key. If you want to know more about Top Kit Tower Crane, please follow our website.

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