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How to Prevent Corrosion of Tower Cranes after Winter Shutdown?

Mar. 21, 2020

As a Heavy Machinery Tower Crane Manufacturers, share with you.

For tower cranes that are stopped for 3-5 months, anti-corrosion is an important task. In recent years, the proportion of acid rain components in the sky has increased, which will also adversely affect tower cranes. Before the tower crane is stopped and maintained, the surface paint film of the whole machine should be thoroughly inspected.

(1) For the damaged part of the paint film on the metal structure, cleaned the surface of the component and coated it with anti-rust paint and decorative paint film to protect the metal surface from rusting after rain and snow.

Luffing Jib Tower Cranes

Luffing Jib Tower Cranes

(2) In the movable part of the tower crane, such as the joint of the boom and the tower item, the connecting pin of the sling and the crane, the various guide wheels, trolley wheels, etc., it is necessary to do a good job of rust prevention. We have talked about this problem with many drivers and maintenance personnel who have opened various types of tower cranes. We think that after shutdown, we should use -10 or -20 diesel oil for these parts, and brush these parts clean with a brush. Remove impurities, moisture, rust spots, etc. that can cause rust. Because -10 or -20 diesel is more permeable than motor oil, it can penetrate into the spliced parts under load, causing an oil film on the metal surface, and because of its low freezing point, it can resist low temperature.

(3) After cleaning and lubricating with diesel oil, apply a layer of grease. Calcium- or lithium-based greases should be used, because these two types of grease have good mechanical stability, adhesion and water resistance, and the freezing point can reach -20 degrees. Do not use sodium-based greases, because this type of grease Resistant to heat but not water, the effect will be worse. When applying grease, the coating should not be too thick, and the method of application should also take into account the convenience of removing these greases before recommissioning in the coming year.

Topless Tower Crane winter suspension management system:

(1) Maintenance work should be carried out immediately after the tower crane is stopped. A special person is responsible for distinguishing the project, the key maintenance parts, the work procedures, and the responsibility system.

(2) Regular inspection and maintenance system. It should be checked at least 3 times during a 3-5 month shutdown. Carefully make inspection records and timely remediate damaged maintenance measures. Repair it again.

(3) Maintenance in special circumstances. For example, after snow or rain, organize relevant personnel to carry out maintenance and inspection immediately. During the inspection, due to cold weather and high-altitude operations, safety measures must be formulated and various labor protection supplies must be worn.

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