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How to Prevent Tower Cranes from Tipping Over?

Jul. 12, 2019

As important handling equipment in construction sites and transportation logistics, tower cranes often carry the weight of large-scale institutions, which also brings hidden dangers to their overturning accidents.

In general, during the operation, the ratio of the height of the tower crane to the size of the bottom support is large, and the center of gravity of the tower body is high, the torque is large, the braking is frequent, and the impact force is large, which is an important cause of overturning. Therefore, Luffing Tower Crane Supplier pointed out that the best way to prevent tower cranes from overturning is to improve from the following three aspects:

1. It is strictly forbidden to overload. In the tower crane market, it is well known that the higher the tower crane rental or purchase price, the greater the rated load. However, in the design of tower cranes, tower crane manufacturers often design a certain degree of theoretical overload to meet the actual requirements of construction operations. In fact, different types of cranes usually use lifting torque as the main control. When the working range is increased or the weight exceeds the corresponding rated load, the overturning moment of the heavy object exceeds its stabilizing torque, which may cause Flat Top Tower Crane. collapse. Therefore, this is very dangerous behavior.

Top Kit Tower Crane

Top Kit Tower Crane

2. Avoid the sling. In some cases where the wind is heavy and the hanging road is complicated, the crane driver often adopts the method of slanting and hoisting and rushing to transport the materials that need to be hoisted is also a very dangerous behavior. After all, when the weight is slanted, the overturning moment will be increased, and the horizontal component and the vertical component will be generated at the lifting point. An additional overturning moment will be generated at the bottom support point of the tower crane, thereby reducing the stability coefficient and causing the tower crane. collapse. Therefore, before lifting the heavy objects, in addition to maintaining the weight does not exceed the rated load of the tower crane, vertical suspension should be established, avoiding the inclined crane as much as possible, and it is strictly prohibited to operate the wind above the sixth level, so as to avoid the maximum caused by the oblique crane. 

3. Level the tower crane foundation to avoid soft soil and loose soil. Because the tower crane has to bear the pressure of heavy objects in addition to the self-gravity, the tower crane foundation is not flat and the endurance is not enough, which is also an important cause of overturning. Because, if the foundation is not flat, the verticality error will be too large, which will increase the overturning moment of the tower crane and reduce the stability of the tower crane. In addition, Top Kit Tower Crane is built on soft soil and loose soil. Due to insufficient endurance, especially when lifting heavy objects, it will not be able to bear the burden, which will lead to loose soil and overturned body. Therefore, when setting up the machine, you must choose to have it. Hard soil, solid soil with sufficient bearing capacity, and attention to reinforcement.

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