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What are the ways to raise the Top Kit Tower Crane?

Dec. 04, 2019

Because the Top Kit Tower Crane looks like a tall tower from afar, its way of raising has also become a topic of interest.

In fact, the tower crane can be divided into the foundation, tower body, jacking, slewing, lifting, balance arm, Tower Crane Part Jib, crane trolley, tower top, driver's cab, luffing, etc. The basic part should be installed first. That is to determine the tower installation position, the principle is to maximize the construction capacity of the tower crane, facilitate the tower crane access to the site and installation, disassembly. Then select the appropriate basic pattern. The weight and concrete foundation should be made in advance and reach the mark, and the ground endurance of the foundation is not less than 20T per square meter. Then the base frame and the standard section are assembled on this basis.

The tower crane standard section is the main part of the tower crane, and it is also the main role of heightening the height of the Top Kit Tower Crane. During the construction process, the tower crane naturally needs to be raised along with the rise of the building. When raising a tower crane, first use a jacking frame to raise the frame upward to leave a space between the tower body and the frame, and then install the standard section of the tower body in this space. This achieves the purpose of raising the tower crane.

Top Kit Tower Crane

Top Kit Tower Crane

Top Kit Tower Crane lifting regulations

The lifting height is also called the hook height, which is the vertical distance from the concrete foundation surface of the tower crane (or the top surface of the walking track) to the hook. For the Top Kit Tower Crane with the amplitude of the trolley, the maximum lifting height is immutable. For the Top Kit Tower Crane with the pitch, the height varies with different amplitudes, and the minimum height can be higher than the tower tip. Dozens of meters, so the tower crane has advantages in lifting height.

Tower crane lifting height includes two parameters, one is the lifting height when the tower crane is installed at a free height, and the other is the maximum lifting height when the tower crane is attached. The tower crane does not need to be attached when the free height is installed. Generally, Top Kit Tower Crane can reach 40 meters, which can meet the needs of buildings below small high-rises.

In order to prevent the tower crane hook from rising too high to damage the equipment and cause a safety accident, each tower crane is equipped with a height limiter. When the hook rises to 1-2 meters from the boom, the lifting power is automatically cut off to prevent the hook. Continue to rise.

The working speed of Top Kit Tower Crane includes: lifting speed, turning speed, luffing speed, etc. In the lifting operation, the lifting speed is the most important parameter, especially in high-rise buildings. Increasing the lifting speed can improve the work efficiency. At the same time, the hoisting load needs to be slow, so the wide range of lifting speed is the lifting Superior performance.

The lifting speed is not only related to the lifting mechanism, but also to the magnification of the hook pulley block. The 2 rope is twice as fast as the 4 rope and the single rope is twice as fast as the 2 rope.

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