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How to Choose Tower Crane for High-Rise Steel Structure Installation?

Apr. 22, 2020

As a Tower Crane Manufacturer, share with you. The main machinery used for the installation of high-rise steel structures is the tower crane. It should be selected according to the geometry and size of the structure plane, the weight of the components, etc. The following points are for your reference.

Topless Tower Crane

Topless Tower Crane

1. The choice of tower crane

Under normal circumstances, use externally attached cranes as much as possible for easy disassembly and assembly. When the external attachment tower crane is selected, the tower foundation can be selected in the underground layer or another tower foundation; when the internal climbing tower is selected, the tower crane is generally located at the elevator shaft.

2. The location and performance of Topless Tower Crane

The position and performance of the tower crane should meet the following requirements:

1) The length of the boom must have sufficient coverage (building) surface;

2) There must be sufficient crane capacity to meet the lifting weight requirements of components at different positions;

3) The capacity of the steel wire rope of the tower crane must meet the requirements of the lifting height and lifting capacity; the lifting speed must be of sufficient grade to meet the installation needs;

4) When operating on multiple machines, consider:

When the tower crane is a horizontal boom, the boom must have sufficient height difference to be able to operate safely without collision;

There should be sufficient safety distance between each tower crane to ensure that the boom and the tower body do not collide with each other;

3. The lifting, anchoring or climbing of the tower crane

The following issues should be considered for the lifting, anchoring or climbing of the tower crane:

1) Externally attached tower crane

The height of the hook should meet the requirements of the installation height and the height difference between the tower cranes, and the number of anchorages should be determined according to the allowable free height of the tower crane body. The anchor point of the tower crane should be selected to be conducive to the reinforcement of the steel structure, and can first form the overall structure of the frame and the location that is conducive to the installation of the curtain wall. The anchor point should be calculated.

2) Inner climbing tower crane

The climbing position of the tower crane should meet the requirements of the free height of the tower body and the installation height of each column unit of the steel structure. The connection method of the base of the inner climbing tower crane and the steel structure beam-column shall be calculated and determined. The steel structure where the inner climbing tower crane is located should be welded before climbing to form a whole.

4. Notes on vertical and demolition cranes

1) When selecting the tower crane, the conditions for standing and dismantling the tower crane at the construction site should be considered.

2) Tower. When the externally attached tower crane is on the deep foundation pit slope tower, the tower foundation can choose fixed or walking foundation according to the specific situation, but the stability of the foundation pit slope must be considered, that is, the maximum wheel pressure value and corresponding safety measures must be considered . The inner climbing tower can be built by setting up a steel platform inside the building.

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