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What are the common safety implications of Flat Top Tower Crane?

Oct. 12, 2019

  Flat Top Tower Crane is a kind of lifting machine that can carry all kinds of heavy objects. The working height is usually tens of meters to several hundred meters, and the working radius can reach tens of meters. At present, construction sites are widely used, mainly for vertical and horizontal transportation of materials in building construction and installation of building components.

  According to the accident figures counted by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine in recent years, the absolute number of accidents caused by cranes and the number of casualties caused by accidents have consistently ranked first among the eight categories of special equipment. In the face of the increasing number of 6 T Flat Top Tower Cranes, the wide distribution of the area has caused inconvenience to the supervision and the use of the tower crane is a map of the map, which is intentionally or unconsciously neglected. , bringing a lot of security risks to daily production. The following analysis of the eight safety hazards commonly encountered in the use of tower cranes on construction sites is as follows:

Flat Top Tower Crane

Flat Top Tower Crane

  1. Failure of the torque limiter

  The failure of the torque limiter mainly includes the failure of the elastic deformation of the arch frame and the failure of the electrical limit switch of the torque limiter.

  The elastic deformation of the bow frame causes the tower crane to be overloaded, and the bow frame deformation does not contact the electrical touch switch so that the overload does not alarm. In the form of a bow frame, the wire is fastened and the bow frame is permanently deformed.

  The failure of the torque limiter touch switch is the damage of the electrical components. Due to the protection of the rainproof cover, it is exposed to the outside for a long time, causing rust and aging failure.

  Another form of failure is to adjust the screw reverse assembly, that is, to adjust the direction of the screw nut to the opposite direction of the electrical touch switch.

  2, the failure of the weight limiter

  Some construction workers bundle the weight limiter sensor pin shaft with the arm beam of the boom arm, so that the tower crane can not limit the lifting load and prevent overload operation, and cause damage to the hoisting transmission part and the corresponding structure, motor, and electricity. damage.

  3, the failure of the variable speed trolley anti-rope

  In the "Safety Regulations for Tower Cranes" (GB5144-2006), the gap between the rope guards of the ropes and the outer edge of the ropes and the pulleys shall not exceed 20% of the diameter of the ropes, and the amplitude of the ropes During the use of the trolley, the variable-speed steel wire rope is extremely vulnerable to impact and jump out of the pulley groove, causing the rope blocking or the rope blocking rod to break, so that the anti-ropping effect is lost.

  4. Failure of the amplitude limit of the luffing mechanism

  The luffing mechanism amplitude limiter is a safety device that prevents the car from colliding with the extreme position of the two ends and the boom, and is generally installed on the trolley traction hoist drum. The failure of most amplitude limit is that the limit of the trolley is not effective when the car is near the root of the boom. The reason is that when the tower is added, the limit of the amplitude limiter is shorted, and the range is not restored after the tower crane is added. Limiter.

  5, the failure of the lifting limiter

  The lifting height limiter is a safety device that prevents the hook from rising beyond the limit position, causing the hoist to break the wire rope and cause a heavy fall accident. The main reason is that when the tower body is added, the height limiter is shorted, and the height limiter is forgotten after the knot is completed.

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