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Topless Tower Crane common sense

Nov. 12, 2019

Hoisting machinery is an important equipment for the construction of the national economy. As society develops, its use is also growing. Topless Tower Crane and electric hoist cranes are a large number of lifting equipment in practical applications. The energy consumption in the starting process and braking process is an important part of the energy loss during the whole operation. Therefore, it is necessary to study energy use in the study. The energy consumption of these two processes is tested to facilitate scientific and reasonable analysis of their power consumption and to reveal energy-saving ways.

Topless Tower Crane

Topless Tower Crane

The operation of the crane requires a wealth of experience to avoid unnecessary accidents. So some experience is very useful. Here is some common knowledge of cranes summarized by Tower Crane Manufacturer. I hope to be useful to everyone:

1. What are the main safety protection devices for cranes?

Lift limiter, travel limiter, emergency switch and interlock switch, bumper and the end stop, sweeping plate and slide guard, audio and light signals, protective railing, grounding and zeroing, protective cover and protection of the device, etc.

2. Crane machinery definition

Hoisting machinery refers to electromechanical equipment used for vertical lifting or vertical lifting and horizontal movement of heavy objects. The scope is specified as Hoist Elevator Safety Devices with rated lifting capacity greater than or equal to 0.5t; rated lifting weight is greater than or equal to 1t, and lifting height Cranes greater than or equal to 2m and electric hoists fixed in load-bearing form.

3. The formula of the degree of camber: the degree of arch = span / 1000. The value obtained is the degree of the arch.

4. To determine the cause of the wheel track and how to eliminate it

(1) Tracks caused by track defects

(2) Tracks caused by wheel defects

(3) Bridge deformation

(4) Bridge skew occurs when starting the brake


(1) Bridge deformation can reduce wheel span and diagonal error by adjusting wheel position

(2) If the tracking problem should be corrected or replaced in time

(3) Eliminate electrical faults, adjust the brakes on both sides to make the braking torque and release time consistent

5 trial control loop working principle to illustrate crane zero protection

In order to prevent the crane console from suddenly powering off when the handle is working in a non-zero position (ie working position), the operator forgets to pull the handle back to zero when leaving the console. When the crane resumes power supply, the crane may be caused. Self-starting accident. With zero protection, when the crane is unexpectedly powered off and then powered, the operating handle is not zero and the crane will not start by itself.

6. Safety inspection contents in electrical safety work

An easy-to-operate main disconnector shall be provided at the entrance of the crane. An emergency power-off switch shall be provided on the crane and the total power supply shall be cut off. Check the crane power supply and various mechanisms for short-circuit protection, voltage loss protection, zero protection, over-current protection and over-speed and loss-of-magnetic protection for special cranes. Check the complete effectiveness of protective devices such as electrical interlocks, interlocks, and self-locking. Check the insulation resistance of the electrical circuit, whether the grounding of the electrical equipment and the grounding resistance of the metal structure meet the requirements. All metal equipment on the crane, such as the normal uncharged metal casing, transformer core and metal isolation layer, threaded metal pipe groove, cable metal sheath and other metal structures shall have reliable grounding (zero) protection.

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