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How does Topless Tower Crane prevent slip hooks?

Jan. 14, 2020

Tower cranes, or tower cranes for short, are commonly known as tower cranes. They are a type of lifting facility that originated in Europe in the early 20th century. They have a history of more than 100 years and play an important role in transportation and logistics, building construction and other fields. Since the tower crane looks like a tall tower in the distance, its way of raising has also become a topic of interest. As a Tower Crane Manufacturer, share with you.

Topless Tower Crane

Topless Tower Crane

Because the first-hand Topless Tower Crane is often more expensive, many building construction teams have chosen to rent second-hand tower cranes from tower crane companies to hoist site materials and equipment. However, second-hand tower cranes have been used for a long time, and parts are inevitable, and the hidden dangers of slip hook accidents are increasing. Therefore, how to prevent slip hooks for second-hand tower cranes has become an the urgent issue for the majority of tower crane practitioners.

Generally speaking, the cause of the slip hook accident is nothing more than the following: poor contact-such as the loosening of the fixing screw of the contactor power inlet and outlet in the power distribution box of the tower crane, the ablation of the connection plug of the motor rotor and the stator coil, and poor wiring Bad contact of terminal board terminal bolts and poor contact of main contactor of the contactor. Wear-High and low-speed motor brake pads wear more than the specified limit, gearbox gears are broken, and fixed gear bolts are loose. In addition, the failure of the phase failure protector is also an important reason for the second-hand tower crane slip hook.

Based on the above reasons, five rules for the prevention of second-hand tower crane slip hook accidents are summarized. I hope it will be helpful to the majority of tower crane practitioners:

1. Preventing problems before they occur-To do a good job of safety inspection before, during, and after the shift, you need to check with eyes, ears, and manually.

2. The tight tension string-irregularly checks and tighten the connection points of various lines.

3. The technology is not anti-loosening-it is necessary to regularly check whether the brake pads are normal, the motor wiring bolts are in good contact, and the contactor main contacts are in normal contact.

4. The refurbishment work is not slack-maintenance personnel must be responsible and responsible for the work, strictly in accordance with the requirements of safe operating procedures, the replacement parts must be replaced, do a good job of inspection and test operation.

5. Don't panic at the moment of the accident-the tower crane driver should calm down after the slip hook phenomenon occurs during work, and promptly notify the signal worker to let the ground personnel walk away. Operate in accordance with the regulations of the operation regulations, and place heavy objects in unmanned areas on the site by lifting swinging arms, and walking the cart.

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