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The Features of Tower Balance Crane​

Jun. 29, 2019

Tower Balance Crane is referred to as tower cranes, which originated in Western Europe. A rotating crane with a boom mounted on the top of the tower. Large working space, it is mainly used for vertical and horizontal transportation of materials in building construction and installation of building components.

Tower Balance Crane

The boom type of the tower balance crane is divided into two types: horizontal and pressure. When the boom is horizontal, the trolley moves along the horizontal boom and the amplitude is balanced. The boom is longer, but the boom has a larger weight. When the boom is a pressure lever type, the luffing mechanism drags the boom to the pitch and the amplitude is not as smooth as the horizontal, but its weight is small.

The lifting weight of the tower balance crane varies with the amplitude. The product of the weight and the amplitude is called the load moment, which is the main technical parameter of this type of crane. Through the slewing mechanism and the slewing bearing, the lifting height of the tower crane is large, and the inertia quality of the slewing and walking is large, so it is necessary to have good speed regulation performance, especially the hoisting mechanism requires light load, fast load, slow speed, and installation. In addition to the use of resistance speed regulation, it is often used to adjust the speed of the eddy current brake, frequency modulation, variable pole, thyristor and electromechanical combination.

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