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How Should the Tower Crane Position During Multi-tower Operation?

Jun. 24, 2019

As a Tower Crane Manufacturer, let's talk about the layout of the tower crane during multi-tower operation.

Arrangement principle: Firstly, the operating principle in the cross operation of the tower crane is clearly defined, that is, the low tower allows the high tower, the rear tower to let the first tower, the moving tower let the static tower, the light truck let the heavy truck, the passenger tower let the main tower; The tower cranes are numbered uniformly to determine the operation and signal command personnel of each Top Kit Tower Crane, and remain relatively fixed. Before the operation, the tower crane driver should inspect and test the machinery and electrical equipment. When handing over the shift, carefully carry out the shift. Record; during the command process, strictly implement the response system of the commander and the tower crane driver, and prevent the occurrence of command errors; formulate the corresponding multi-tower operation plan, determine the Top Kit Tower Crane layout plan and the installation height coordination plan, both to meet the individual Construction must take care of the overall situation, analyze various situations that may occur in multi-tower cross-operation, and formulate various control measures for different risk factors.

Top Kit Tower Crane

Multi-tower cross-operation has the characteristics of large mutual influence, easy collision, and difficulty in the demolition of towers. In the process of group tower layout, operation control, and demolition, it must be strictly managed, develop a careful operation plan, and strengthen the Topless Tower Crane. Education and training of operation, command and management personnel to achieve safe operation of multi-tower operations This program mainly describes the layout and height balance coordination of the group tower cranes at the construction site to ensure safe and efficient operation of the tower cranes.

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