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Tower Crane Safety Is The Most Important Thing! 2

Jun. 01, 2019

As a Tower Crane Manufacturer, we continue to share the safety of tower cranes.

The Topless Tower Crane boom adopts a tie-barless type, and the connection design is simpler and simpler. This design form greatly facilitates the operation of the air-changing arm and the arms release. The boom frame is disassembled in the air and the overall lifting is compared to the lifting equipment. The requirements are greatly reduced, which not only avoids the complexity and high risk of the air removal lever but also saves the disassembly costs.

Topless Tower Crane tower top installation and commissioning: The tie-barless design of the flat-top tower crane reduces the height of the tower top, which is especially suitable for the cross-joint operation of the tower, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the tower crane. The unit quality is small and the installation height is low. It can reduce the height difference between the towers, save space and save costs.

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