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Tower Crane Safety Is The Most Important Thing! 1

May. 23, 2019

The main cause of tower crane accidents is congenital deficiency, and the day after tomorrow is in trouble. The production quality of the tower crane directly determines the life of the tower crane. In order to expand market share, some enterprises endeavor to reduce product costs, design according to standards and design specifications, reduce product performance, cut corners, and even "repair old and waste." As a Luffing Tower Crane Supplier, we are here to learn about its safety.

Top Kit Tower Crane

In order to ensure the normal and safe use of Top Kit Tower Crane, the tower crane must be equipped with the specified safety devices, including: lifting torque limiter, lifting weight limiter, height limiter, amplitude limiter, swing Restrictor, hook safety device, reel safety device, wind direction anemometer, wire rope grooving insurance, trolley anti-break rope device, trolley anti-break shaft device and buffer. These safety devices are to ensure that they are intact and sensitive.

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